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The true genius of our time – Steve Jobs – turned the world upside down with the creation of a unique iPhone 2G smartphone. For the first time, a powerful computer became so convenient that one could fit it in the palm and access the Internet from anywhere in the world.

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The visionary of our era, Steve Jobs, revolutionized the world with the launch of the groundbreaking iPhone 2G. This device brought the power of a sophisticated computer into our hands, allowing for global internet access from the palm of one's hand.

To celebrate this transformative moment in tech history, Caviar's designers have masterfully crafted a unique iPhone 15 Pro that marries the latest in Apple innovation with a nod to the original game-changer.

A hallmark feature of this design is a hermetically sealed capsule, taking the shape of Apple's iconic bitten apple logo, which houses an actual piece of the motherboard from the original iPhone 2G. The back panel boasts precision engraving that portrays the intricate technical components, all converging on the central Apple emblem, symbolizing a network of veins coursing towards a beating heart.

The case's lower portion features black PVD-coated titanium and is accentuated by the etched signature of Steve Jobs himself.

Merely 19 units of this exclusive edition will be produced, offering aficionados of groundbreaking tech and pioneering design the chance to own a piece of this extraordinary tribute.



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Body iPhone 2G

Body: Aviation hardened titanium

Upper part of the body iPhone 2G

Upper part of the body: Engraving of a diagram of the technical elements of the device, which are connected to the central part by communication lines.

Central part of the body iPhone 2G

Central part of the body: A sealed capsule in the shape of Apple's signature bitten apple with a fragment of the original iPhone 2G motherboard.

Lower part of the body iPhone 2G

Lower part of the body: Titanium with black PVD coating and engraved signature of Steve Jobs.

Limited edition iPhone 2G

Limited edition: Limited edition of 19 pieces.

Body color iPhone 2G

Body color: Space black

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