Custom iPhone 15 Pro/Max Sweet Apples


The apple orchard represents an idyllic place of eternal bliss, spring and love. Ruddy fruits seductively fall from the green branches, urging to try them.

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In the serene vision of an apple orchard, where tranquility, rejuvenation, and affection flourish, the allure of ripe apples gently descending from lush foliage beckons with an irresistible invitation. These apples, emblematic of eternal youth, exuberance, and fervent yearning, paint a picturesque scene of bliss and abundance.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Caviar presents its Sweet Apples iPhone 15 Pro, a masterpiece that captures the essence of the mythical Eden. Through an exquisite blend of materials, including a jewelry alloy cloaked in a resplendent double coating of 24K gold, this creation comes to life. The vibrant interplay of colors—red, green, and gold—mirrors the lush vibrancy of Eden itself, achieved through the sophisticated use of green calfskin and radiant red composite inserts against the golden backdrop of the iPhone's body.

Envision the Sweet Apples iPhone 15 Pro as your own slice of paradise by adding it to your cart today. But haste is warranted, for only 99 of these enchanting devices have been crafted, making the opportunity to claim one of these forbidden fruits a fleeting temptation.


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Apples Sweet Apples

Apples: The appetizing paradise apples are made of jewelry alloy, covered with a double layer of 24K gold with inserts of iridescent red composite.

Leaves and Twigs Sweet Apples

Leaves and Twigs: The leaves and branches are molten with jewelry alloy and coated with 24K gold.

Phone Body Sweet Apples

Phone Body: The frame and the phone cover are made of green calfskin, forming a harmonious combination with the golden color of the branches and red apples.

Limited Edition Sweet Apples

Limited Edition: Only 99.

Body color Sweet Apples


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